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Sortimo has been developing in-vehicle equipment and mobile product assortments for almost 40 years. Including Intelligent solutions for keeping everything in order, for mobile operation in your vehicle or place of operation.

Cases and Boxes - Sortimo stands for well conceived storage systems that are integrated in the van racking solution. The service case and a wide variety of S and M boxes are an essential part of the system. The cases and boxes we can supply include the Sortimo Case, the Sortimo HD Case, T-Boxx, L-Boxx mini, LS-Boxx, S-Boxx, M-Boxx, E-Boxx, i-Boxx and i-Boxx rack.

Wall Cladding / Flooring - The basis of every van rackings system is the floor plate, which acts both as protection and as a foundation for stable fastening. Sortimo’s floor plates are precision cut for all vehicle types and are manufactured from Nordic beech wood. The individual wooden layers are laminated in a process ensuring long lasting waterproofing. The vehicle is therefore optimally protected against damage and the aluminium anti-slip protective corners ensure a safe footfall

Soboflex Safety Floor - The Soboflex safety floor is 12mm thick and is extremely non-slip and resistant to abrasion. The surface is resistant to oil, petrol and many chemicals.

Sobogrip Protective Floor - The Sobogrip is a proven alternative to the Soboflex safety floor. This 9mm thick protective floor is particularly suited to delivery firms, parcel services and other companies which have similar transport jobs i.e. companies with varying goods to be conveyed. The burled coating is direction neutral; extremely resistant to scratches and even under wet conditions is extremely non-slip. The protective floor is simple to clean and is resistant to oil, petrol and many chemicals.

Sowaflex Wall Cladding - The Sowaflex wall cladding made from a lightweight honeycomb structured material protects your loading room and weighs 60 percent less than comparable products made from wood. The surface is resistant to damp and chemicals as well as being extremely impact and scratch resistant. We enable a quick installation by using the areas pre-determined by the vehicle manufacturer.

Sortimo Top System - The Sortimo TopSystem allows you to use the roof of your vehicle for many different transporting applications and jobs.

Due to the versatile, lightweight construction the TopSystem offers high carrying capacity at a low net weight. Compared to traditional steel roof racks, the loading capacity can be increased considerably. Based on its special aluminium construction and high strength stainless steel, the TopSystem is corrosion-resistant and guarantees a long service life.

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