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Ignore mold at your peril, exposure can cause serious health problems even death; don’t let it happen to you or your employees.

Daily work place exposure can be particularly harmful to humans and animals.

Van cabs and interiors are at particular risk when the following are present;

Absorbent Materials (for example wood)

A van when the doors are closed is a confined space where mold spores breed, usually in large quantities, (Mold spore size is up to 100X smaller than a human hair which is invisible to the human eye) hence when the doors are open they are immediately inhaled into the lungs or absorbed through the eyes and or skin, even your clothes.

A musty smell is a sure sign of mold presence together with dampness which cannot always be visibly detected. The contamination will be concealed underneath the ply panels or other absorbent materials.

Particularly at Risk

Window Cleaners
Valeters with water tanks
Van Mount Carpet Cleaners
Pressure Washers
Anyone carrying water or liquids in vehicles
Anyone with moisture and or condensation present
Food Transportation where moisture and temperature in any form is present
Utilities Contractors etc..

We have many years experience of mold and its effect on health together with prevention and removal to promote and safeguard health. We are the people to deal with when it comes to rectifying the problem whether it is prevention or cure in your van or fleet.
Once mold has started to spread we have solutions and equipment to resolve the problem. If you have experienced any of the below website symptoms talk to us we can help to prevent and create a far better healthy working environment

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