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Colours come in a range of stock colours, but we can match any colour dependant on your requirements.

As the spray-on liner fits the contours or the surface its being applied to providing an airtight seal protecting the surface its on. It also means that it acts as a damper to noise vibrations, deadening squeaks and rattles, you will definitely notice the difference and that's why we have chosen to supply it. Independently tested to worldwide International Standards - ASTM. IP bedliners are proven to provide maximum protection.

Protect your pickup, van, lorry, horse box, boat, trailer, 4x4 or even components with IP EPIC and IP 1000 Protective Polymer Coatings.

IP Products offer excellent UV protection so even if the liner is constantly in direct sunlight, it wont fade like other competing products. An IP protective coating will always look as good as the day it was applied.


  • KEVLAR®: KEVLAR can be added to IP EPIC and IP 1000 to make it extraordinarily tear resistant. Ideal for those that work their vehicles hard.
  • Rubber Crumb: We can add crumbs of rubber to give it a cushioning effect, making it great for livestock vehicles and anti slip environments.
  • Fluorescent Pigment makes IP glow in the dark. This is great for safety applications and has been used for emergency services vehicles etc.
  • Grit additive will make the final surface even more anti slip.
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* Metallics on Request

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