About IP EPIC and IP 1000

We pride ourselves on providing the Maximum Strength Spray on Bedliner available, IP EPIC

Our Spray on bed liner activities undertake a wide variety of Domestic, Commercial and Industrial, coating applications. Established for many years we have extensive experience of IP 1000 and IP EPIC protective coating applications.

With IP you will get most of your money back when you trade in your Pick Up or Van. Customer testimonials are available on request.

IP 1000 was originally invented by Industrial Polymers in 1995 as a spray-on truck bed liner product for pick-up trucks. It is used in applications where a flexible rubber coated surface is needed to resist abrasion, impact and corrosion over metal, fiberglass, wood and many other substraits. IP can be mixed with sand and or aluminum oxide grit additives to provide an aggressive antislip surface. It can also be used with Kevlar® fiber additive to improve cut and tear resistance.

IP EPIC provides an extremely tough and strong (7360 psi tensile strength) protective coating applied in wet film thickness up to 1/4 inch without sagging. It is recommended for use on truck beds, heavy equipment, marine or industrial applications. Both IP 1000 and IP EPIC are low V.O.C. offering good UV and chemical resistance.

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